OMG it’s ICE!

Understanding how and when aircraft icing forms helps pilots make better go-no-go decision and, if necessary, alter plans once airborne.  This story is one pilot's unanticipated encounter with icing that presents the lessons-learned so that the reader can avoid their own "never again" situation.  To read this story, click here.






There Is Ice in the Air

The first signs of winter in a cold part of the country bring concerns to any pilot. Though performance is delightful, ice and snow are hazards that can change a typical flight into a nightmare. This article recounts the story of one pilot's good fortune for a flight that should have never been attempted in the first place. The lessons learned in this story will aid in good decision making skills to assure that your next winter flight is a safe one. To read the story, click here.

Tapestry for Disaster – An Accident Story

When we commit an error it is generally an isolated one, and we get away with it.  This getting-away mentality reinforces the behavior as being okay.  But start stitching a series of these scenarios together, and a tapestry of disaster unfolds.  This article depicts the true story of an accomplished pilot who let the multiplicity of factors impede his ability to see the cues of impending disaster.  The lessons learned in this chilling story will aid in helping you to identify and break the chain of potentially fatal mistakes.  To read this story, click here.